From March to May

Get winter out from your garden

Fruits trees

  • Pulverisation against the dangerous species on the trees and also on the berries


  • Remove the winter protection
  • Cut and fertilise
  • Protection for plants Injections every 14 days

Perennials plants

  • Reduce, divide, move, fertilisation
  • Cut the lawn and fertilise

Annual plants

  • Arrange the details with Geraniums, Alyssum, Tagetes and even more


  • Fertilize in march


  • Verifications and fertilisation
  • Plant transplantation
  • Cut the deformed plants
  • Wash the coatings in natural stone eventually with a high pressure washing machine


  • Cut, fertilise
  • Scarify the lawn
  • Detect the bad plants
  • Mushrooms detection
  • Advices and evalutation of the lawn by our expert.
  • Recreate entirely your lawn


  • Wash the pond
  • Reduct the plants
  • Verify the pond
  • Verify the pump
  • Make PH mesures
  • Ferilise the aquatic plants

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