Taking care in winter from December to February

Prepare for winter

  • Cuttings on the treesand shrubs
  • Falling trees
  • Carefully cut fruit trees
  • Water troughs and pots as needed during frost-free days
  • Check playground equipment for their usability. Repair damage.
  • Winter service and snow removal

Plan for the new season

  • Does the garden still meet your expectations and needs?
  • Is your entry section still your business card?
  • Have you thought of new rose perennials or planting bids?
  • Chapeau your seat the right size? And is this in the right place?
  • Have not you been dreaming of a sheltered retreat for a long time? A pergola, a teahouse, a willow house or an awning?
  • Or would you like to swim in your own room? Let's plan now - so you can jump in the summer in the cool water.
  • Irrigate lawn automatically - plan and assemble now.
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